Walk Team Materials

Download some of the most commonly used team materials below.

PLEASE NOTE: These materials are merely samples and may include incorrect or out-of-date information (i.e. for a different Walk site). They are intended to be templates for you to customize so please take the time to review and update them as necessary.

JDRF is happy to answer any factual questions you may have, help you brainstorm, offer creative input, or help you find any materials you may be looking for. Make sure to check out theWalk to Cure Diabetes page or www.jdrf.org (look for “Facts Sheets”) for any information you may not find on this page.

Have a suggestion for something to be included here or a question about any of the materials? Just shoot us an emaileasttennessee@jdrf.organd we will be glad to help!

All files are in Microsoft Word, unless otherwise specified.

NEW! (3/6/08): Walk materials order form(generic for all3Walks)

Deposit Slips (4 per page; include one when mailing in pledge money)

New!Did You Know” sign (great for common areas, bathroom mirrors, etc.)

Sneaker Sales Flyer ($1)

Sneaker Sales Flyer (each color a different price)

Bracelet Sales Flyer(sale price may be changed, at your discretion)

“Caps for a Cure” Flyer

“Dimes for Diabetes” Flyer

Jeans Day Flyer

“How Schools Can Raise Big Bucks”

Sponsor a Family Team T-shirt Form (sponsorship level may be changed, at your discretion)

Sponsor a Family Team Sign Form (Knoxville only; sponsorship levels may not be changed)

Family Team Sample Letter

Vendor Letter Sample

Corporate Team Internal Kick Off Flyer

Corporate Team Sample Letter

Corporate Team Flyer to Employees

Corporate Team Memo to Employees

Paycheck Stuffer to Recruit Walkers

Questions about the program or how it works? Need Walk Central help?

See the Walk to Cure Diabetes page for FAQs, important datesand Walk Tracker Cheat Sheets.