Outreach & Donations


January 12-13, 2013 Franklin Marriott Cool Springs Franklin, Tennessee (20 minutes south of Nashville)

Educational sessions will include topics in diabetes daily care, diet considerations, psychological issues, the latest research toward a cure, diabetes technology, T1D as an adult and more.Hotel accommodations, as well as lunch, dinner and breakfast, are included in your registration.

Registration will open in August. Space is limited! A suggested contribution of $150 per family is requested. For more information call 615-383-6781 or visit here.


Join the Family Support Network’s CURE CONNECTIONfor support group meetings with otherfamilies affected by diabetes. Hear about what works for them, strategies for successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle, publicCure Connection page for an updated schedule.


TheBag of Hope outreach programisdescribed as “goodie bag of diabetes information and supplies” thatisgiven to newly diagnosed (within thepast 3 months)families.The Bag of Hope contains a variety of educational and comforting support materials–some geared toward the child and some geared toward their caregivers–the most popular of which is Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes. It also includes a support video, children’s books and an Accu-Chek Blood Glucose Meter. If you or someone you knowhas a child or teen that is newely diagnosed, contact our office formore information. 865-544-0768 or toll free 888-833-2873. Oremailthe request form to easttennessee@jdrf.org. A huge thanks to Roche (makers of Accu-Check) for underwriting this program!


Our office can provide diabetes educators and caregivers with informative brochures, upon request. Note: these brochures are subject to availability and are not intended to replace medical care. Consult your physician with healthcare questions or concerns.


If you wish to make a memorial or tribute to a particular person(s), you may do so by sending your donation check made out to the JDRF (address on home page). Your support of JDRF is greatly appreciated and through your gifts more than 80 percent of JDRF’s expenditures directly support research and research-related education. The JDRF is an accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency; all donations are tax deductible. Download an honorium/memorial form here.


Call the local office to assist with mailings, walk duties, gala responsibilities, errands, etc. Please consider helping out since we employ a limited staff, so that more money can go to research to find a cure for diabetes.


To help increase federal spending on research to find a cure for diabetes, please consider serving on the JDRF Legislative Committee and writing your legislators about health-related matters. With your help, we can have a voice in Washington! Don’t forget…November is Diabetes Awareness month.

See a list of East Tennessee & SW Virginia Senators and Representatives from the U.S. Congress (including what district s/he represents and where to write them as of 10/05). Not sure what congressional district you are in? See a county map of the congressional districts.